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2015-05-18 01:41:50

An outstanding scale inhibitor like no other

Whilst the SUPRION may look like a small, simple and unobtrusive device, there are a multitude of complex and intricate chemical processes occurring within. The SUPRION subjects your water supply to a wave of self-generated electro-static energy. This ionises the water molecules, inhibiting the build-up of scale, slime and rust.

Just some of the reasons to choose SUPRION:

  • Proven results as an effective counter-measure to scale, slime, corrosion and rust.
  • Requires no electrolysis, magnets or power supply.
  • A progressive range of shapes, sizes and applications available.
  • Endorsed by British Gas.
  • Approved for drinking water applications by the Water Regulations Advisory Board (WRAS).
  • Avoids any salt or chemical treatment of your water supply.
  • Completely maintenance-free with a minimum operation guarantee of 10 years.
  • Environmentally friendly and entirely carbon-neutral.
  • Commercial and domestic applications.

Ease of installation

It couldn’t be easier to connect the SUPRION scale inhibitor to your water system. With a range of different sizes and shapes, we’ll have the right product for your system. Plus, the SUPRION comes with either screwed, compression or flanged connections. What’s more, once it’s installed the SUPRION is completely hassle-fee. There’s no maintenance, servicing or manual operation necessary.

Catering for all environments

The SUPRION device has proven results in both hot and cold environments. So whether you’re running a boiler, a refrigeration unit or even an air conditioning system, SUPRION is the answer. It can even handle temperatures up to 100°C.

Preventing energy loss

Did you know that a build-up of scale and slime within your appliances can cause a dramatic energy loss, costing your business both time and money? We’re confident that you’ll start seeing results with the SUPRION just months after installation.